Masterfusion, leader of the mod-project Matrixed Reality has published a comment wherein he states, that he plans to switch engines:

Hey guys, perhaps you have noticed that I didn’t update my site in the last time and didn’t show any new stuff. Well, I thought about which features to add in the next version, but everytime I had a cool idea I had to recognize that the limitations of the modding-system in Max Payne don’t make it possible to include. This pissed me off, so I finally decided to change the engine and continue with Matrixed Reality by making a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003. I will change the name from “Matrixed Reality” to “Matrixed Unreality”, since the gameplay will be completely different. I have already started to work, so there’s no way to stop me … hehe. Here are for example some screenshots from the new construct I made for Matrixed Unreality: I plan to make the gameplay as follows: There will be two teams, the agents and Morpheus’ crew, and the two gameplay-modes “Rescue Morpheus” and “Find the next exit”. In the first mode, Morpheus will be a hostage, captured somewhere in the map, and Neo, Trinity and the others will have to rescue him, while the agents try to stop them. In “Find the next exit” Morpheus’ crew will have to get as fast as possible to the next exit, while the agents will again try to kill them. I also plan to include some RPG-elements, like getting points for each frag, and when you have a certain amount of points, you can choose if you want to get better in “speed”, “strength” or some other categories. Synti will begin to make a new site soon, and I hope that my other team-members will also still help me. Anyway, I won’t leave the mphq-community, I will still make some animations for XiaoXiao and help New Dawn with some skins.


cs offline

Aus dem Leben eines CS’lers gegriffen [a glimpse into the life and times of a Counter-Strike player] is a hilarious satirical text [in German] by an unknown author. In short: a CS-player goes to an offline shooting range and tries to play out his ‘experience’ with firearms. He’s quite confident in himself as he followed the recent press stories on CS—deducing from them, he has to have world’s best training concerning firearms …



Raeyl. 2002. DukeFX.

mod-type: gameplay_tweak, skin_tweak, fx_tweak
release date: 16 April 2002
release package: [6MB]
package contains: DukeFX.mpm [9MB] | DukeFX_info.txt [1KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying DukeFX_info.txt:

Author: Raeyl
Title: DukeFX
Email: raeyl[at]
-Duke Nukem skin replacement for Payne
-KungFu 2.0
-Matrix Wave particle
-enhanced Bullet-Time
-increased bullet speed to reflect realism
(400 metres per second; used to be 50)

matrixed reality

matrixed reality

Scene from the Max-Payne-1 mod-project 'Matrixed Reality.'

There is yet another Matrix-mod for Max Payne in the making: Matrixed Reality. The team-leader is Masterfusion—seemingly from Germany or Austria. The Neo-model looks very good, far more similar to Keanu Reeves than most others I have seen. One of the mod’s features will be a ‘new level selector. It will be a level, the loading-room of The Matrix. Everything will be white (like in the movie) and Neo will say ‘I need guns…lots of guns’. Then you will be able to collect a lot of weapons and go to a telephone and change to the level you want to play (I think I’m gonna make one telephone for each level).’


backstreets II

MPH. 2001. Backstreets II.

mod-type: levels
release date: 17 November 2001
release package: [8MB]
package contains: mph – Backstreets II.mpm [21MB] | Readme.txt [2KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying Readme.txt:


Backstreets II
17th November 2001
> Unzip the “mph – Backstreets II.mpm” file to your Max Payne directory: eg: “C:\Program Files\Max Payne”
> Run Max Payne, and select “mph – Backstreets II” from the custom game drop-down list when the dialog appears
Map Info
Build Time : 23rd September > 16th November
Render Time : 28 hours (approx)
Compile machine: AMD Athlon 1.2ghz, 256mb RAM

Render Settings: Radiosity Viewport : 60
Radiosity Passes : 2
Radiosity Boost : 210
Radiosity Backplane: 40

Playing Time : 10-15 mins
Difficulty : Medium > Hard
This is my second Max Payne level, and I think you’ll find it’s an improvement over my first. Hope you enjoy it. You can play it on the 3 difficultly levels, and on New York Minute mode as well, which should keep it alive a bit longer.

This will be my last single map for Max Payne for quite a while, as I’m working on the Dodge This mod ( There might be more Backstreets maps, but I won’t be making them as I’m too busy.

If you have any comments, feedback etc then e-mail me at mph[at] (there are no typos in that address btw)
Lighting isn’t perfect, but not too bad
Bullets hit transparent bit in between curtains
Snows in that little hut building :-)
> – Max Payne prefabs
> Remedy for some of their prefabs and textures again
> And all the people who e-mailed me about the first map, I probably wouldn’t have got around to making this sequel if they hadn’t asked me to do another ;-)


blade runner novel pt.1

AEW. 2001. Blade Runner Novel Pt.1.
mod-type: levels, music
release date: 06 September 2001
release package: [9MB]
package contains: br2.mpm [34MB] | br2.txt [3KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying br2.txt:

Blade Runner Novel Pt.1
Author AEW
Author walwin[at]
Type of modification:Level,music
Build Time: 45 hours
Description: Blade Runner Story
First part (of many I hope) of a BladeRunner novel starring Max Payne
Those hung up on no new skin can pretend Payne’s real coat is in the cleaners.
Features:AI scripting, sounds, music and a story.
This is the start of what I hope to be many levels outlining a story in the Blade Runner universe.
Those who have followed my work will really like this.
BladeRunner fans must check this out.
Installation Info:
Unzip to Max Payne directory
Run game and select mod at config window
Thanks and credits…
Nicholas Coulter for saving me a ton of research time. He discovered how to effectively use text to convey a story in the game.
He also helped me keep the right train of thought for my camera work.
Good Job NC!
“Mothkid” for doing an outstanding job in getting me some great BR sound/visual bytes.
His stuff is pure gold for my work. Without it my level would have been a lot duller.
To the Remedy folks I hope my work gives you satisfaction in knowing how fantastic your editor really is. I never thought I could pull off what I have done.
And it’s only the beginning.
My favorite all time movie is Blade Runner. Rent the Blade Runner movie if you havn’t! This movie is the classiest sci fi movie ever made period. It still sells out whenever it’s re-released to theatres. I hope the execs see the how my work will only boost sales/rentals for the movie.