church of kopimism

Logos of the 'Missionary Church of Kopimism'
Oh, how I do like this—first The Pirate Bay was a website tracking torrents, then a political party sprouted from it, now there’s a religion. In Sweden ‘Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet’ (Missionary Church of Kopimism) is officially recognized as a religion since late December 2011. Especially I do embrace the reference to Aleister Crowley via the slogan ‘Copy and Paste what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ [all in all there are five chapters on Crowley [rhymes on holy] in my old book ‘↓Metatrickster (2004)]
    At last year’s biannual conference (14-17 September in Vienna, Austria) of the German Anthropological Association (GAA/DGV) the opening keynote was delivered by Brazilian anthropologist Gustavo Lins Ribeiro. It was called ‘What’s in a copy?’—you can listen to the complete keynote, including the introduction by André Gingrich and an interview with Ribeiro at Talking Anthropology: TA35—What’s in a copy. [And when you’re over there already, you can listen to me, too: ↑TA37—Cyberanthropology ;-]
    Retroactively Ribeiro now has taken the role of a kind of John-the-Baptist prophet.
    Now I wonder, if I convert to Kopimism, can I have it officially noted in my passport?

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