wet nellie redux

A white Lotus Esprit S1 sportscar transformed into a submarine, gliding along the surface of a scottish lake, mountains in the background, in the computer game Forza Horizon 4
It is my conviction that all of us who ever saw the 1977 James Bond film “The spy who loved me” were fascinated by “Wet Nellie,” Bond’s (Roger Moore) Lotus Esprit S1 sportscar able to transform into a submarine. And subsequently we fantasized about Bond using the Lotus not only in the Mediterranean near Sardinia, but elsewhere, too – or, even better, owning it ourselves, exploring all kinds of waters. With these fantasies we not only strive to relive, but to augment what we felt when first watching the movie. And that is the point of the virtual photography pictures I post to Instagram – gaming screenshots recreating the ambience and atmosphere I felt when watching a certain movie, reading a book, looking at a picture, or playing a computer game. The above picture is one of my takes on “Wet Nellie” – aficionados will recognize the number plate.

GILBERT, LEWIS. 1977. The spy who loved me [motion picture]. Beverly Hills: United Artists.
PLAYGROUND GAMES. 2018. Forza Horizon 4 [computer game]. Redmond: Microsoft Studios.
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