polar payne

↑Maddieman [aka Jonathan Hallier]. 2003. Polar Payne. mod-type: total_conversion release date: 18 August 2003 release package: PolarPayne.zip [44MB] package contains: Polar Payne.mpm [54MB] | Manual.pdf [396KB] | readme.txt [2KB] | ↵Dinky.avi [9MB] download: ↑at filefront accompanying readme.txt: ================================== Polar Payne ================================== This is the final version of Polar Payne, bugs and all; and it is highly unlikely that any further re-releases will be available. No serious plans for a sequel are in the works at present. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the full Instruction Manual, which is in PDF format. You can download this for free … Continue reading