polar payne

Maddieman [aka Jonathan Hallier]. 2003. Polar Payne.
Polar Payne

mod-type: total_conversion

release date: 18 August 2003
release package: PolarPayne.zip [44MB]
package contains: Polar Payne.mpm [54MB] | Manual.pdf [396KB] | readme.txt [2KB] | Dinky.avi [9MB]
download: at filefront

accompanying readme.txt:

Polar Payne

This is the final version of Polar Payne, bugs and all; and it is highly unlikely that any further re-releases will be available. No serious plans for a sequel are in the works at present.

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the full Instruction Manual, which is in PDF format.

You can download this for free at:


Running the mod

Extract the Polar Payne.mpm file into the same folder where your MaxPayne.exe is. Copy the Dinky.avi file into the ‘movies’ subfolder. Then run the game.

Before clicking on “Play”, select the “Polar Payne” mod from the list at the bottom of the dialog.

You will need the latest DivX video codec in order to view the intro video. You can download this for free at http://www.divx.com/divx/

Team Dinky is…

Steve Royer
Hairless Wookie

Evan Preston

Special thanks to Flp for making the Eskmio skin.



Full credit listing can be found under the credits section in the game menu, and during the end sequence of the custom level.

Polar Payne is a non-commercial, user-made modification for Remedy Entertainment’s Max Payne videogame. Under no circumstances should it be repackaged or re-released commercially or for financial gain. You’re welcome, of course, to send us donations. ;)

N.B. Please contact Maddieman at jonathan.hallier[at]virgin.net, if you would like to create additional custom levels for this modification, or for permission to re-publish all, or part of this modification in your own work.

Steve Royer maintains character copyright over Dinky the Polar Bear and Eskimo character models and likenesses. Contact him at Steveroyer24[at]aol.com for more information regarding permissions.

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