the chateau 1.1

theHunted [aka JcDenton999 aka Grazer]. 2003. The Château 1.1.
The Chateau

mod-type: level, gameplay_tweak, fx_tweak, music_tweak
release date: 20 June 2003
release package: [18MB]

package contains: chateau-v1x.mpm [34MB] | readme.txt [2KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying readme.txt:

//================== The Château 1.1 ==================
//a Max Payne, KungFu Edition 3.0, map addon
//Creator: theHunted aka. JcDenton999 aka…

//mailto: JcDenton999[at]

The Château is a very small map, based on The Matrix Reloaded Movie.
In Combination with KungFu it brings you a cool Fighting Experience
to the wonderful Max Payne.

– New Map
– few new sounds and music

– KungFu 3.0 (of course)

– fixed the “white screen” when trying to replay

– Extract the file “chateau-v1x.mpm” to your main Max Payne installation folder
(C:\Programs\Max Payne – for example). Start Max Payne as usual and from the Message Box’
“Choose Customized Game” pulldown menu, choose chateau-v1. Now start the game.

//Known Bugs:

– Transparent stripe on the floor. Seems to be Max-FX related, because of too big texture res.

– Maddieman: big time thanks for your help on getting all features of KungFu
i wanted to have into this map.

– Sepiroths-SoN: many thanks to you for the beatiful menu and loading screen. I love ’em :)

– Ken_Y: sorry, i couldnt ask you for permission. you seem to be a busy man these days.
thanks for getting the ultimate KungFu experience into Max Payne.

– and of course the beta-testers: Maxey, Sepiroths-SoN, Luther[imf], Honny Bunny and ildu

//Personal Notes:
I thought it was about time to have an alternative to the good old Lobby Shootout by kemical.
This, in combination with the hard time getting it done in maxed (the personal challenge was part
of my intensions to realize this) made me do this. I’d love to see this map being released with
new cool modifications later on, so all of you coders out there: feel free to rip the sh** out of this ;)
(yes placing my name in the credits would be nice, blablabla, nobody’s gonna read this anyway)

The Chateau

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