the chateau 1.1

theHunted [aka JcDenton999 aka Grazer]. 2003. The Château 1.1. mod-type: level, gameplay_tweak, fx_tweak, music_tweak release date: 20 June 2003 release package: [18MB] package contains: chateau-v1x.mpm [34MB] | readme.txt [2KB] download: ↑at filefront accompanying readme.txt: //================== The Château 1.1 ================== //a Max Payne, KungFu Edition 3.0, map addon //Creator: theHunted aka. JcDenton999 aka… //mailto: JcDenton999[at] //Overview: The Château is a very small map, based on The Matrix Reloaded Movie. In Combination with KungFu it brings you a cool Fighting Experience to the wonderful Max Payne. //Features: – New Map – few new sounds and music – KungFu 3.0 (of course) … Continue reading