who is inside?

zeph’s pop culture quiz #61

A warplane in camouflage flies over snowy mountains. But who is inside? What I am asking for are the names of the two leading actors … identifying from which movie the screencap stems helps, naturally ;)
    Simply leave a comment with your educated guess—you can ask for additional hints, too. [Leaving a comment is easy; just click the ‘Leave a reply’ at the end of the post and fill in the form. If it’s the first time you post a comment, it will be held for moderation. But I am constantly checking, and once I’ve approved a comment, your next ones won’t be held, but published immediately by the system.]

  • Kueperpunk Friday, 11th January 2019 at 16:43

    Richard Burton an Clint Eastwood – “Where Eagles dare”.

    • zephyrin_xirdal Sunday, 13th January 2019 at 00:39

      Long time no see, Kueperpunk–nice to have you back! :^) And the answer of course is absolutely correct. Congratulations! I’ll update the post accordingly soon, and will post the next quiz.