Masterfusion, leader of the mod-project Matrixed Reality has published a comment wherein he states, that he plans to switch engines:

Hey guys, perhaps you have noticed that I didn’t update my site in the last time and didn’t show any new stuff. Well, I thought about which features to add in the next version, but everytime I had a cool idea I had to recognize that the limitations of the modding-system in Max Payne don’t make it possible to include. This pissed me off, so I finally decided to change the engine and continue with Matrixed Reality by making a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003. I will change the name from “Matrixed Reality” to “Matrixed Unreality”, since the gameplay will be completely different. I have already started to work, so there’s no way to stop me … hehe. Here are for example some screenshots from the new construct I made for Matrixed Unreality: I plan to make the gameplay as follows: There will be two teams, the agents and Morpheus’ crew, and the two gameplay-modes “Rescue Morpheus” and “Find the next exit”. In the first mode, Morpheus will be a hostage, captured somewhere in the map, and Neo, Trinity and the others will have to rescue him, while the agents try to stop them. In “Find the next exit” Morpheus’ crew will have to get as fast as possible to the next exit, while the agents will again try to kill them. I also plan to include some RPG-elements, like getting points for each frag, and when you have a certain amount of points, you can choose if you want to get better in “speed”, “strength” or some other categories. Synti will begin to make a new site soon, and I hope that my other team-members will also still help me. Anyway, I won’t leave the mphq-community, I will still make some animations for XiaoXiao and help New Dawn with some skins.

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