bloodshed mod

KiLLeRsEppL. 2002. Bloodshed Mod. mod-type: gameplay_tweak, fx_tweak release date: 19 August 2002 release package: [9MB] package contains: Bloodshed Mod v3.0.mpm [13MB] | Bloodshed Readme.txt [4KB] download: ↑at filefront accompanying Bloodshed Readme.txt: =================================== Welcome to the Bloodshed Mod Readme =================================== 1. EXPLANATION 2. VIOLENCE WARNING 3. FEATURE-LIST 4. CHANGES 5. PLANED FEATURES 6. CHEATS 7. CONTACT ============== 1. EXPLANATION ============== The Bloodshed Mod is the first Mod, which is concentrated on Blood-, Scream- and Deatheffects. The Mod will also modify some other things, but the main focus is on the blood ;) When you ask yourself, why I have spend … Continue reading