Catastrophy! The Beavises’n’Buttheads which constitute the staff of MPHQ have nuked all the forums clear! I’m not whining after my postcount (which still was a poor 200 and something), but I’m somewhat shocked about the loss of this big piece of MP-modding-community history. Now I see what a fault it was not to regularly write into this diary as I had envisioned. Now I’ve got to discipline myself and do this diary properly.
On the other hand the incidence was a lesson in how-the-Internet-works. And it even may offer a new chance. All of the registered users of MPHQ have to reregister now. I already did so some moments ago. Now I’m #91 in the memberlist. 94 members so far—before the wipe-clean MPHQ hat some 6600+ registered users which had posted a total of 118.000+ articles (all from my memory). Now I can start-over with my fieldwork as one of the ‘earliest members’ of the MPHQ-community … if that ‘is something’ is more than questionable.
    After having reregistered I immediately ‘beefed up’ my profile and added a signature-image and an avatar [note the faulty compression]. The signature-pic I’ve hosted at Ethno::log, the avatar I uploaded directly to MPHQ.

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