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[Thu Jan 23, 2003 6:03 am]
“hmm.. so the MP community is barly in the puberty..”
Thats pretty funny, but its a good thing becuase if there are all these mappers at a young age then there will be a lot of damn good older one’s in a couple of years Personally i wish to be a pro. I am pursuing it iam already on the right track. So if you keep with it and edit for as many games as you can do so with out making complete crap, then you should build up some good experience. I have used about 4 different editors and become literate with most of them. (Worldcraft, Lithtech, Radient, MaxED)
Keep With it!
I am Neo

A direct hint towards my theory of the modding-community as a self-organising training place for wannabe professionals (not meant ironical).
    In order to help Neo and others I made a categorized list of MaxEd tutorials and posted them in the thread, Neo had started:

All right, I don’t want to embarass anyone, but as the same questions pop up again and again (and as there’s no searchable database of forum-information here anymore, eh GutBomb?) I made an overview of MaxEd-tutorials scattered all over the net. I (almost) stuck to MaxEd related stuff only and left out animation tutorials and the like. I tried to put the links in categories and in an order. So you’re well off, if you start at the top of the list. All the links below are working — I just tested them a moment ago.
MaxEd Basics
MaxEd concepts for newbies — The very first tutorial everyone should read. Really, really basic, not offering a cooking-recipe, but a true understanding of the underlying principles.< Getting started Basic Room Creating and Playing a Simple Custom Level in Max Payne MaxEd Lighting
Lighting in MaxEd
Adding lighting
MaxEd Dynamic Content
Creating doors
Falling Wall
Trip Wire
FSM messages in MaxEd
Another FSM messages in MaxEd
Setting up enemy AI
Max Payne Cinematics
Cinematic Cutscenes in Max Payne
Making Cut-scenes In Max Payne
Max Payne compiling
Maddieman’s Tutorial on RASMaker
Compiling level to playable mod
Another Compiling level to playable mod
Using RasMaker and Compiling Maps
Making a New Weapon
ActorFX Tutorial
Collected Information
A collection of various MaxEd tutorials translated from german—Ranging from absolutely basic to some topics not found in the official Remedy tutorials, but worthwhile to know.
The 3dRealms forums — the biggest resource of indepth MP-modding/editing;f=18
And of course the official Remedy tutorials
The official Remedy tutorials as a downloadable help-file
[Thu Jan 23, 2003 11:09 am]

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