the social net

understanding human behavior in cyberspace
A new book has been published, which promises to compare the online and the offline worlds, to examine how social behaviour differs in cyberspace, to bring together research never before brought together, and to provide a comprehensive and unique volume on Internet psychology. Only the publisher’s final claim: “Invaluable information for anyone doing businesss on the Internet”, makes me wonder if it is valuable for those doing research online, too.

AMICHAI-HAMBURGER, YAIR (ed.). 2005. The social net: Understanding human behavior in cyberspace. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

official description: “In cyberspace we see examples of the best and the worst aspects of human behaviour. The Internet environment is unique – it affects our attitudes, inhibitions, feelings of responsibility, emotions, impressions of others, and relationships. But how does it achieve this? How does the Internet enable people to express elements of their personality that they cannot express in the real world? This is a topic that extends far beyond psychology. Anyone doing business on the Internet needs to fully understand how people behave online. […]

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