Aldrin on the moon, Armstrong reflected in his visor
Sometimes when I walk home in the evening, crossing the river I stop midbridge and wonder at the moon. Then, for a few minutes, I try to really become conscious of the fact that exactly one dozen men already walked around up there. By ‘becoming conscious’ I mean trying to think about the men on the moon in exactly the same way I think about the people walking on the bridge I am right now standing on. To develope the same stance. And I rarely succeed—and if, then only for a few moments of pure understanding. Suddenly it’s gone again and the thought of humans walking on another planet as surreal to me as it was before.

Anyway, 36 years ago from today, on 20th July 1969 the first human beings ever sat foot on another planet! Neil Armstrong was first, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin second, while Michael Collins—who always seems forgotten—circled around the moon, piloting the command module. The return ticket for Armstrong and Aldrin.

Google Maps has a moon special, allowing to zoom in to all six Apollo landing sites. Zoom in as far as you can and discover the truth … speaking of the truth: For a long time on the Internet there is the definite proof that the moonlanding was staged, an Orson-Wellesian fake. The link is retrieved from Internet Archive’s wayback machine, as the original site was ‘censored’—read: The site was hacked [?] and the satire pulled up onto yet another level.
moonlanding initially via entry at mosaikum

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