from dusk till dawn

night of the living dead

From Dusk till Dawn

When hell is full the anthropologists will return to Earth—good gracious, we all look like straight out of “Doom III”. Amazing what some months of coursework can do to people …


dusk till doom ethnoparty photoshop contest—mix and r.i.p.

Well, it’s not my fault, I only had a look at the photos taken at the last ethnoparty and unwillingly associations with the computergame “Doom III” and the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” came up. So I sat down, gathered some eerie portraits and made the composite picture seen above. 2R saw it, fired up photoshop and posted a first manipulated picture. Quite naturally fab chimed in.

The holidays have arrived, so let’s fool around big time. Here are the terms: Grab one or more pictures from the ethnoparty collection, think something up along the lines of “From Dusk Till Dawn” and/or “Doom III”, something vampire/horror-related, fire up photoshop and go ahead. The Web carries a shitload of screencaps from said movie and game. Use Google’s image search as a start.

Have your picture(s) hosted somewhere, your own server, or whatyouhave, and put an image link into the comments to this story. I’ll grab the pictures, put them on my server and will replace the image link in your comment so that you do not have to host the picture anylonger by yourself. If you can’t host it anywhere, or don’t know how, send them to me by e-mail: Alexander[dot]Knorr[at]vka[dot]fak12[dot]uni-muenchen[dot]de. I’ll post the according comment for you.

If someone wants to set up something better elsewhere [maybe with an upload feature, I can’t do this in here], go ahead and notify me.

Now have fun by looking at the pictures in this story’s comments.

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