hacking the himalayas

Hacking the Himalayas

If I remember correctly it was back in 1987 that I was in Lhasa for the last time. Unfortunately [?] during my “career” my original regional focus, Karakoram and the Himalayas, somehow went out of sight and I defected to cyberanthropology. Now tech culture journalist and co-editor of boingboing Xeni Jardin travelled “to the top of the world to learn how ancient cultures adapt to a new, interconnected world while still holding on to their sacred traditions.” Seen from my anthropologer’s vantage point I’d jettison the “adapt” and would phrase the statement a bit differently, but we get the idea, I guess, and I deem it to be a good one. Miss Jardin’s four-part series “Hacking the Himalayas” is now online , additionally she has created a blog on the journey: xeni.net/trek.

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