the beginning of …

Genesis: The beginning of ...

“Genesis: The beginning of …” (2005) [18:11min | .avi | 349MB] by Quan-Time is a hilarious Q3A-trick-stunt movie which teaches you about DeFRaG and a wealth of trickjumping techniques from the basics up. The movie contains the best trickjumping-tutorials I have seen yet—the extensive tutorials at TrickingQ3 are in the same league, accompanied by a wealth of demos and highly recommended as well. Like playing the piano, Q3A-tricking is very demanding in respect to eye-hand-coordination and timing. Trickjumpers are in possession of complex embodied knowledge which is hard to communicate and maybe downright impossible to verbalize. A plethora of means is used by the community to nevertheless teach the skills: written and illustrated tutorials, movies, and demos, and more sophisticated tools like DeFRaG’s Head-Up Display (HUD) and the additional CGazHUD, especially designed for helping to learn strafe-jumping. The latter is discussed controversially inside the community. Personally I take it to be a good teaching-tool, also it renders the HUD closely as complex as that of a tactical aircraft. Alas, that again is an indicator for the demanding nature of the practices in question. To sum it up, methodology and didactics of “Gensesis” are chosen and honed in order to teach the embodied and hardly to verbalize knowledge of trickjumping. Apart from that it’s a wealth of gaming-culture riffs and not a few good jokes. Download it if you want to have yet another glimpse into actual gaming culture. And again I have to ask where has all the violence gone?

Mig-29 HUD

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