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In my view the witchcraze against computer games and their “lethal potential” yet again is an instance of virtualism, but rationality and competence indeed rise their ugly heads against it. [This entry is mainly for the German speaking readers—I beg your pardon.] The above YouTube video by Matthias Dittmayer has been uploaded two weeks ago and meanwhile has been viewed close to 230,000 times. It uncloaks a whole series of fatal errors and simply wrong facts in several television programs of the German national television channels. The central issue of those programs? “Killer games”. Long before preparing and uploading his video, Matthias several times contacted the television stations and got even more irritating responses. In his video and on his detailed website Stigma Videospiele he clearly shows the flawed argumentation and complete lack of knowledge found inside the camp of those who populistically advocate the prohibition of “killer games” in Germany, without ever really defining what a “killer game” is. Since yesterday “”, an online department of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, features an interview with Matthias.

Also interesting in this respect is yesterday’s press release from the “Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Gesprächspsychotherapie e.V.” [“Society for scientific conversational therapy”] and Christian Stöcker’s virtuoso reaction at “Spiegel online”.

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