comments are not yet back

Well, quite some time has passed since I took the comments function offline—due to numerous requests I brought the function back online again, and included some more wizardry from abe. Let’s see how it works. All the comments you posted before are available again, too.

UPDATE: That was a bit premature, as the comments only seem to be half back. The old ones are there, but new ones are not accepted. Am trying to fix that.

UPDATE 2: Wtf?—lol! Interesting effect: I can’t post comments into my own blog, but spambots can. Atm I have no idea what is going on. Will start over from scratch now; if that does not help, I’ll skip it and implement comments again at a later date, when there is more time.

UPDATE 3: For a second there it was—then it went away again. Now it seems that I have succesfully blocked everybody and everything from submitting comments. I’ll leave it “as is” for the moment till later. Let’s see what happens over night. I have a faint suspicion, though …

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