nine per cent

Dear Mr. President,
Come take a walk with me … ;-)

‘Tis a strange realm, cyberspace. Since a couple of years here at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), the institution where I am working—or am pretending to do so, there is a lot of talk about the university’s corporate identity, its profile, its international publicity, and so on. Well, you people up there, treat me well if you care about the international reputation of our house. Treating me well starts with calling me Mr. Nine Per Cent [not to be confused with ↑50 Cent] from now on … here is a snippet from’s traffic statistics for the domain The cumulated “Where people go on” top ten until today [I inserted the hyperlinks to grant the other poor chaps at least some more hits]:

23%—Computer Science
23%—Online Services for Students
09%—Mr. Nine Per Cent
08%—Communication Science
04%—Education Science
03%—Virtual tour around LMU
02%—Job Application Training Programme

Ain’t that funny? I mean, my domain is hit by more than twice the traffic the domains of the Department for Psychology or the Faculty for Economics has. Even more astounding, onlinewise the mighty Physics Faculty is more than four times my minor ;-) Ah, by the way, does not count, as the students are logging in there in order to collect their e-mail—so I am only pwned by them computer geeks … who generate the traffic on their domain thyselves, I presume.

initially via e-mail from anthronaut—tnx a lot to you, who has left the Internet

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