21st century man

Isaac Asimov

‘It is like you to be more concerned for a machine than for a man.” He [eminent professor of sociology Simon Ninheimer] looked at her with savage contempt.
    It left her [US Robots’ Chief Robopsychologist Dr. ↑Susan Calvin] unmoved. ‘It merely seems so, Professor Ninheimer. It is only by being concerned for robots that one can truly be concerned for twenty-first-century man. You would understand this if you were a roboticist.’
    ‘I have read enough ↵robotics to know I don’t want to be a roboticist!’
    ‘Pardon me, you have read a book on robotics. It has taught you nothing. […]’ (Asimov 1995 [1957]: 423) [bold emphasis mine]

ASIMOV, ISAAC (1920-1992). 1995 [1957]. “Galley slave,” in The complete robot: The definitive collection of robot stories by Isaac Asimov, pp. 385-426. London: Voyager, HarperCollins.
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