During the last days the process of writing the dreaded book, which now definitely will be christened “maxmod—an ethnography of cyberculture” (note the humbleness, it’s an ethnography, not the ethnography), was going really well. I’ve got a run. Recently I read an interview with Philip Roth—he produces two pages of manuscript a day, up to ten pages on exceedingly good days. Yesterday I managed to write three and a half pages, one page of those falling into a hard to write section. If I can keep up yesterday’s pace, I’ll be finished in a hundred days. So, in order to crank up the pressure valve even more a bit, let’s declare today as day one of a hundred, and let’s see if I really can do it.

In fact, I have to do it, or will find myself out on the street. Hence I have to tone down the frequency of blog entries on astray issues. To keep it running nevertheless, and because I believe that this belongs into the whole project’s weblog, today I created the new section manuscript. In there I will post bits’n’pieces of my draft, not in the order the parts will appear in the book, maybe some won’t make it in the book at all, or get rewritten later on. If I really can keep it up like yesterday, entries will be steadily trickling in.

At 2AM last night I called it a day and, for relaxation, watched Season 1, Episode 5 (SE1EP5) of “Twin Peaks”. Yes, the fandom is right, every episode I watch leaves me with a question, becoming ever more burning … The phone number of Sherilyn Fenn? Anybody? No? All right, that settled, I am only left with making it official: David Lynch is a genius. Watching “Twin Peaks” is not just pastime, but a measure to keep myself in the write mood, just like my current rereading of “Neuromancer” for the umpteenth time is.

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