more merovingian ties

After having published merovingian ties—beyond the 85 knots of Fink and Mao, I started to contact some of the involved protagonists. Lord Whimsy was the first to answer and confirmed a suspicion of mine. To my question on how he discovered the knot, Whimsy answered: ‘If memory serves, I found a few sources online (I believe it was a pdf file somewhere). After some failed attempts of my own, I finally figured it out.’ So, it seems that Whimsy got hold of the same tutorial by edeity, published at zgeek, with which Henry Hu started out. Like Henry, Whimsy, too, did not get to grips with the scarce information of the tutorial, and—again like Henry—created his own solution. Now it is on me, to correct an error I made. The sequence in Henry’s original Hen Tie video tutorial is not the same as in Lord Whimsy’s The Merovingian tutorial.
    Henry Hu’s original Hen Tie:
    Ri Co Ri Lo Ci Ro Li Co Li Ro Ci T
    Lord Whimsy’s Merovingian:
    Ri Co Ri Lo Ci Lo Ri Co Ri Lo Ci T
    The detection of this difference once more proofs the usefulness of the (R, C, L) notation from the Fink-Mao taxonomy.

Henry Hu already replied, too—and even more so. First he confirmed what I had written, and then posted a video response at YouTube, again showing off how to knot the Hen Tie (that is the official spelling, by the way), this time using a special tie, customized by himself. Investigation of the whole matter continues—stay tuned.

P.S.: I love the life-feeling of the video, especially the interruption caused by Henry’s cell phone—in my opinion the /baywatch-gesture is one of the most valuable pieces of content within ‘↑Second Life (SL).

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