Rémi Gaillard, or: Sapeck is back


This I simply had to repost—already because of the tiny astronauts appearing in my header pics. Beyond that Rémi Gaillard in my opinion simply is ingenious. in the video section of his website nimportequi.com there is a plethora of hilarialities. My favourites at the moment are ‘Rocky is back,’ and ‘Foot 2008,’ not to forget ‘Put it where you want it,’ ‘Decathlon,’ and … well, every single piece is a gem.

    Over here in Germany we have some so-called comedians on private TV-stations whom the broadcasters’ marketing people credit with ‘breaking all taboos.’ More often than not this reduces itself to harrassing people in public space, which is most of the time hardly funny, but embarassing … for the ‘comedians,’ not for the people.
    Rémi ‘harasses’ people in public space, too—and I love it, when the French police comes into play—, but what sets him far apart is the fact, that his pieces are intelligent to the core. If you have seen Stallone’s ‘Rocky,’ then watch Rémi’s take on it, and you’ll get what I mean.
    Besides the category ‘funny movies,’ there is another one, the ‘impostor movies.’ In this genre Rémi also is perticularly sucessful, up to mingling himself amongst the players of the winning team of the 2002 French football cup. After the game Rémi celebrates with the players on the field, is congratulated by then president of France Jacques Chirac, and finally is interviewed as a player by a TV-journalist, autographs a football, and all.

    All in all Rémi is in perfection tradition of the art group the Incoherents, including the prince of pranksters, Eugène ‘Sapeck’ Bataille, who were on the road during the late 19th century.
    Thanks a lot, KerLeone, for finding this.

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