Day: December 16, 2010

  • industrial tribal art

    It is a common cliché that anthropologists are fascinated by masks, even obsessed sometimes. Hence it was high time to post something on masks in here. If the two above pictured specimen from Steve ‘Radio-Guy’ Erenberg‘s collection seem vaguely familiar to you, then read Steve’s fine article at ‘Collectors Weekly’ to hear about an astounding…

  • arms race

    ‘Arms Race’ is a steampunk short film by Nigel Clegg. It’s alternate hi/story is set in 1855, during a Crimean War (1853-1856) spiced up with steampunk machinery and gadgetry … for example, you will witness the charging of a not-so-light brigade. The behind-the-scenes & background of this micro-budget independent movie are really worthwhile, too. CLEGG,…

  • faceworld

    Short notice on Paul Butler’s visualization of global Facebook-connections.