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Blade Runner spinner over cityscape with famous Geisha-billboard
Well, well, more water on my mills [… love that phrase], regarding my proposition that cyberpunk has become a powerful discourse, is unbroken, and still going strong—scal at cpc and Mr. Roboto at cyberpunk review have gathered news about cyberpunk material coming to the screens. Here’s a roundup:
    Disney does a prequel series to ‘Tron Legacy’, Tron uprising—the animated series. Alcon Entertainment plans to buy the ‘Blade Runner’ intellectual property franchise and to create material based on it on multiple platforms. A postapocalyptical robot-movie called Plug is in the making. The remake of ‘Robocop’ has been resurrected. Pages for the movie-adaptation of ‘Akira’ have been leaked to the Net. Sony plans a remake of ‘Total Recall’ [another addition to the ↵pkd motion pictures].
    That’s it from scal’s side, but Mr. Roboto has more [follow the link to the original with all the IMDB-links]:

[…] there’s a lot of movies based on other materials, including numerous remakes of movies like Short Circuit, Scanners, Videodrome, and Brave New World (to be directed by Ridley Scott). Even anime gems are getting live-action makeovers: Be ready for Cowboy Bebop, Technotise, Ghost in the Shell, and Bubblegum Crisis to go from pen-and-ink to flesh-and-blood (and CGI).
    Comics are serious. The wave of comic-book based movies continues, and for cyberpunks some good choices are waiting in the wings. The coming year will see the likes of Y: The Last Man, Aphrodite IX, Ex Machina, and Deathlok make the jump from the comic pages to the big screen.
    It’s in the books. Several novels are slated for 2011 movies, including two from cyberpunk godfather William Gibson. The seminal Neuromancer is on the in development list. That means another change of director, another change of script, another delay… Maybe we should forget Neuromancer for now and concentrate on Pattern Recognition. It’s in active development, and looks like it will be in theaters long before Neuromancer.
    Also in development is How To Survive A Robot Uprising, which is about… something. […]
    Movies to watch for? With all the apparent rehashes, prequels and sequels, TV spin-offs, and what could be best described as Hollywood’s continued loss of originality [the number of remakes and resurrections really is astounding], I have found some movies that I would like to see and review this coming year. Your mileage will vary:
    Real Steel: Hugh Jackman plays Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots—with real robots! Could be this years KO… literally.
    Fard Ayn: “A passionate look at humankind’s commitment to a dark future. One man is bound by loyalty. One woman is trapped in a technocratic state. The two stories are a dramatic parallel saga of what could be humankind’s dangerous future society.” It’s already been tagged as a cyberpunk movie, but we’ll see if it lives up to it.
    Future Fighters: Mechs in space, boldly going where no one has gone before… except the Macross/Robotech and Gundam franchises.
    Offline: People look to mass-media to escape the reality of a dying Earth, but someone is unwilling to be a good little sheeple.
    Bad Pixels: For women in the future, life is a bitch. But one girl and her homemade synthesizer is going to rock the system.
    Flashback: Once the gleaming jewel of 32nd century Hollywood, Flashback Films now suffers decay due to corporate corruption.
    Deus Ex Machina: Heaven and Hell DO EXIST! The government has made them from VR technology.
    Branded: A “personality model” receives pirated upgrades and is drawn into a world of illegal corporate greed.
    Cold Sea Rising: Another pre-branded “cyberpunk” thriller about a bounty hunter hired to steal emergent technology from an unknown company.







4 responses to “cyberpunk to come”

  1. scal Avatar

    Es soll sogar noch ein Remake von Total Recall, Terminator und Predator geben und für alle hat sich so ein ehemaliger Gouverneur von Kalifornien angeboten. Ich haue das auch gleich mal drüben auf dre CPC drauf, auch wenn die Nachricht schon ein paar Tage alt ist…

  2. klandestino Avatar

    Equilibrium II would be awesome, although it’ll be difficult to top the first one ;) And only with the great Christian Bale, of course.

  3. sanna karppinen Avatar
    sanna karppinen

    who is this japanese woman in the billboard?

    1. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

      It’s “Korean-American actress Alexis Rhee” … see here :)

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