who is descending?

zeph’s pop culture quiz #28
Who is descending?
Two people are running down a staircase—why and who are they?
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  • Alexander Rabitsch Monday, 7th May 2012 at 21:44

    The Mask of Dimitrios – very interesting film! The characters are not drawn at all in black/white … they are shown in nuances. The scene here: Peters and Latimer are visiting Dimitrios for blackmailing him … right?

    • zephyrin_xirdal Wednesday, 9th May 2012 at 16:19

      ‘The Mask of Dimitrios’ (Negulesco 1944) it is, congratulations—your visual memory feats are astounding as always! And you also got the scene correct … almost. The two are not going to Dimitrios Makropoulos (Zachary Scott), but just have left the location of their blackmail-attempt on him. In the screencap they are rapidly descending the stairs into a Paris subway station in order to shake of Dimtrios’ goons who follow them. So, it indeed is Mr Peters (Sydney Greenstreet), whose shadow we can see, and in his wake mystery writer Cornelius Leyden (Peter Lorre)—in the movie the character is called ‘Leyden,’ in Eric Ambler’s novel of the same name it’s ‘Latimer.’ So, obviously, you’ve read the novel, too?

  • Alexander Rabitsch Wednesday, 9th May 2012 at 16:23

    Not yet. Pfingstferien is the time for reading! :D

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