what is switched?

zeph’s pop culture quiz #29
What is switched?
What is caused by using the switch?
    Just leave a comment with your educated guess—you can ask for additional hints, too. [Leaving a comment is easy; just click the ‘Leave a comment’ at the end of the post and fill in the form. If it’s the first time you post a comment, it will be held for moderation. But I am constantly checking, and once I’ve approved a comment, your next ones won’t be held, but published immediately by the system.]

UPDATE 1 (07 June 2012):
Flight gear
Now that I am back online, here is a very direct hint, so that you finally can solve #29 …

UPDATE 2 (08 June 2012):
Hm, the above hint wasn’t strong enough, it seems—so here are two more. The first one is in more or less direct connection to the switch in question: What are they listening to?
The second one concerns the backstory told in flashbacks: Where are they coming from? Obviously they are rescued at sea. Where is the vessel, the crew of which is rescuing them in the screencap below, headed to? If you can answer that, you’ll know the title of the movie.

UPDATE 3 and solution (10 June 2012):
Titlecard of 'Passage to Marseille' (Curtiz 1944)
All right, now it’s been too long, here’s the solution:
    For his Passage to Marseille (1944) director Michael Curtiz reunited a substantial part from the cast of Casablanca (Curtiz 1942). Namely: Humphrey Bogart, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Helmut Dantine, Corinna Mura, Monte Blue, Adrienne D’Ambricourt, Jean Del Val, Charles La Torre, Louis Mercier, Georges Renavent, and Hans Heinrich von Twardowski.
    Like in ‘Casablanca’ the Free French during World War II are at the center of the plot. Jean Matrac (Bogart) serves as a bombardier with a Free French bomber squad operating from the United Kingdom. By the switch depicted in the first screencap he releases the bombs from their bay. So, in a way, he switches destruction on. The second screencap depicts a German anti-aircraft reconnaissance detail listening for the Free French aircrafts approaching. All of this is part of the outermost timeframe of the movie’s narrative. Starting from there the background stories of Matrac and his close comrades are told by nested flashbacks. The third screencap stems from the second timeframe. Matrac, Marius (Peter Lorre), Garou (Helmut Dantine), Petit (George Tobias), and Renault (Philip Dorn)—all seemingly shipwrecked, adrift in a small boat in the Caribbean—are safed by the steamer ‘Ville de Nancy’ … on its way to Marseille. Aboard the steamer more flashbacks are told and the whole story unfolds …




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19 responses to “what is switched?”

  1. Alhambra Avatar

    More hints & pics, please!

  2. Alhambra Avatar

    Still waiting for the hints …

    1. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

      All right, I am still having troubles uploading pictures reliably, so I’ll give written hints. Although Alexander Rabitsch is right, that #29 is overdue for solvation by me (the original rules were that I solve the riddle if it isn’t solved until the following Monday) I’ll go on with #29, because you really seem to have drawn blood now :) and because of the chaos during the last weeks. Here we go:
          For the movie we are looking for a substantial part of the cast of one of the most famous noir movies ever came together again. The movie the screencap stems from is so noir that flashback narrations are nested to the umpteenth level. The switch in the screencap is from the outermost, enveloping level of narration and is connected to the bigger picture of the historic backdrop of the story.

  3. Alhambra Avatar

    When googling Your hints, I found movies like “Sorry, wrong number”, “The two Mrs Carrolls” or “The Killers”, but none of them really fits. In other words: I’ve not the faintest idea :-)

  4. Kerleone Avatar

    I finally found a switch in a noir movie with a famous noir actor , but it’s the wrong one :-(

  5. Kerleone Avatar

    Ha, next one: In this noir movie there is another switch and even a person wearing gloves and someone having flashbacks. But again: Different switch. Damn you!

  6. Alhambra Avatar

    My last “educated” guess is “The big sleep” (1946), ’cause of the cast-hint. I’m out now! :-/

  7. Alexander Rabitsch Avatar
    Alexander Rabitsch

    >>Noir Of The Week<< … what a great idea! Thx @Kerleone!

  8. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

    Finally I am back online—the post has been updated with a screencap that should lead you directly to the solution.
    @KerLeone: Thanks for burning ‘The Big Clock’ (Farrow 1948) … it’d have come next Monday!

  9. Alexander Rabitsch Avatar
    Alexander Rabitsch

    >>Chain Lightning<<

    1. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

      No, sorry, it isn’t ‘Chain Lightning’ (Heisler 1950).

  10. Alexander Rabitsch Avatar
    Alexander Rabitsch

    :( :)

  11. Alexander Rabitsch Avatar
    Alexander Rabitsch

    >>The Caine Mutiny<<?

    1. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

      No, sorry, it isn’t ‘The Caine Mutiny’ (Dmytryk 1954) … with all the information given so far, in the post and in the comments, you for sure are able to piece it together.

  12. Alexander Rabitsch Avatar
    Alexander Rabitsch

    I fold ….

  13. Alhambra Avatar

    What about one last hint …?

    1. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

      Ah, sorry, too late. Your comment was held by the system ’cause you mistyped your email-address (corrected it), hence I didn’t see it. When I saw it I already had updated the post with the solution. But tomorrow’s another Monday …

  14. Alhambra Avatar

    Egaaal :-)

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