queen of cyberpunk

That juxtaposition of technology and humanity is a key theme of the cyberpunk movement […] (Brown 2011)
When Synners [Cadigan 1991] was published, the World Wide Web didn’t exist; few people had access to computers for leisure use; virtual reality hadn’t made it out of the labs. Yet Cadigan wrote, with typical assurance, of a noisy, noirish, dystopian future, of characters overwhelmed by sheer noise (physical and mental), of a plethora of information conveyed in media old and new, of the breakdown of the body/technology boundary. The world of Synners feels (un)comfortably familiar from the vantage point of the present day. (Brown 2011)

BROWN, TANYA. 2011. Pat Cadigan: A retrospective. Strange Horizons 29 August 2011. Electronic Document. Available online.
CADIGAN, PAT. 1991. Synners. New York City: Bantam Spectra.
  • Alexander Rabitsch Thursday, 3rd October 2013 at 19:19

    Glad to see you´re alive … was a bit worried :D

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      That’s very kind of you to say, thank you—I appreciate that :) These days I am a bit occupied by all kinds of things, but I’ll be back in here, I promise. And the pop culture quiz will return, too.

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