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GTA5 unpacked
Unfortunately I got a daytime job. That’s unfortunate—in a way, granted—’cause ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (GTA5) for PC finally hit the storeshelves yesterday. Just returned from the store a minute ago and unpacked the thing. As you can see above till now Rockstar has done everything right. You get a fine box and not some cheap plastic DVD sleeve from the dumpster, as usual. And of course there’s the printed map of Los Santos … and seven, yes seven DVDs. I’ll shove the first one into my machine in a second. Around the web since yesterday there are horrible stories about installation problems. Well, let’s see …

Update: The whole installation process took a bit more than four hours, including the download of the 5GB patch. Then the game started up smoothly, runs flawless like a charm [nothing of all the stories flying into every direction on the net happened—quite to the contrary, it was the smoothest installation process of a triple-A title on my machine], looks absolutely incredible, gives me decent fps, and already is addictive. The atmosphere and the narration’s dramatics are just perfect. Controls and cameras are fine, too—until now I like the car steering even better than in IV.

ROCKSTAR NORTH. 2015. Grand Theft Auto V [computer game]. PC version. New York City: Rockstar Games.
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