only in india

A car lock in India
Only in India is a fairly new blog ‘on funny photos collected in India, sent to me by email or clicked while travelling. Stuff you only get to see in India really… or possible elsewhere too :)’ It’s not at all about technology only, like e.g. afrigadget or street use, but then again technical improvisations and contraptions creep up, like the car lock above.


beyond the game

Beyond the Game‘ is the motto of the World Cyber Games and also the intended title of the documentary film by filmmaker Jos de Putter. The film is set in the world of incredibly popular cyber games and portrays several top players from very different cultures in the run-up to the coming world Championships in October 2008 in Seattle, which will also be the climax of the film.
    Protagonists are an Asian and a European player, known in the cyber world as Sky and Grubby. Sky is 19, comes from China and is world champion in the game Warcraft. Grubby is 20, comes from Holland and is the former Warcraft world champion. The two players avoid each other as much as possible during the year, so that their encounter at the world championships can rightly be called a “clash of the titans”.

DE PUTTER, JOS. 2008. Beyond the game [documentary film]. Amsterdam: Dieptescherpte.

who are they?

zeph’s pop culture quiz #23
Who are they?
It’s noir-time at zeph’s pop culture quiz … the two menacing silhouettes sporting fedoras—who are they? It so happens that the answer to the question at the same time is the title of the movie in question.
    Just leave a comment with your educated guess—you can ask for additional hints, too. [Leaving a comment is easy; just click the ‘Leave a comment’ at the end of the post and fill in the form. If it’s the first time you post a comment, it will be held for moderation. But I am constantly checking, and once I’ve approved a comment, your next ones won’t be held, but published immediately by the system.]

UPDATE and solution (10 April 2012):
Number 23 was not yet five hours old and ryoku already got it completely right: Max (William Conrad, on the left) and Al (Charles McGraw), The Killers (Siodmak 1946) they are! Here they are a minute later, having entered Henry’s Diner, at the counter—now Al is on the left:
Early scene in 'The Killers' (Siodmak 1946)
Siodmak’s ‘The Killers’ is an absolute noir classic featuring non-linear storytelling. The first 20 minutes are a faithful adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story of the same name (1927). The movie was Burt Lancaster’s screen debut and Ava Gardner’s first notable role, which made her career take off.

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST MILLER. 1927. The killers. Scribner’s Magazine 81(3): 227-233.
SIODMAK, ROBERT. 1946. The killers [motion picture]. New York: Universal Pictures.

ambiguity, oscillation, disorder

Online life is usually held to present particular problems for ethnography as it is hidden and ambiguous, and boundaries are not clear. However, ethnography and online daily life are similar procedures in which people go about constructing ‘culture’ to make sense of others and interact with a degree of predictability. Ethnographers can learn about culture and society by learning how people themselves go about understanding and making those processes. We further, do not have to expect that the reality we describe will be completely ordered, even though the simplifications of constructing ‘culture’ might make this seem inevitable. Disorder can be socially important.

MARSHALL, JONATHAN PAUL. 2010. Ambiguity, oscillation and disorder: Online ethnography and the making of culture. Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal 2(3). Electronic Document. Available online:

iron sky

Dieselpunk æsthetics and ambience galore, plus a wealth of online-scenes humour. Iron Sky (Vuorensola 2012) premiered at the Berlinale in February, now it has come to the cinemas—at least in Finland and Germany. Absolute must-see. Till then, have more at

VUORENSOLA, TIMO. 2012. Iron sky [motion picture]. Helsinki: Buena Vista International Finland.