dark evil

Coolman01 [aka Tom Faber]. 2002. Dark Evil. mod-type: gameplay_tweak, weapons_tweak, fx_tweak, skin_tweak release date: 10 August 2002 release package: DarkEvil.zip [11MB] package contains: Dark Evil.mpm [19MB] | LiesMich.txt [6KB] | ReadMe.txt [4KB] download: ↑at filefront accompanying Readme.txt: English Version ————————————————— Dark Evil v1.0 Release: 10. August, 2002, 0:00 (GMT +1) This Mod is free-to-development Each may develop this Mod like he wants (new Levels, weapons…) and publish. But these conditions must be kept: 1. The names of the developers of the earlier version(s) must stand in the ReadMe. 2. The current version must always be indicated (1.0, 2.0 …). 3. … Continue reading