dark evil

Coolman01 [aka Tom Faber]. 2002. Dark Evil.

mod-type: gameplay_tweak, weapons_tweak, fx_tweak, skin_tweak
release date: 10 August 2002
release package: DarkEvil.zip [11MB]
package contains: Dark Evil.mpm [19MB] | LiesMich.txt [6KB] | ReadMe.txt [4KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying Readme.txt:

English Version
Dark Evil
Release: 10. August, 2002, 0:00 (GMT +1)

This Mod is free-to-development

Each may develop this Mod like he wants (new Levels, weapons…) and publish.
But these conditions must be kept:
1. The names of the developers of the earlier version(s) must stand in the ReadMe.
2. The current version must always be indicated (1.0, 2.0 …).
3. With the shop of the menu must stand in the picture ” This Mod is free-to-development ” !


A deadly virus broke out of the laboratories from Aesir , which already infected New York completely in shortest time.
But the victims of the virus do not remain dead, them become Zombies and trachten for the living person still their life…

It gives already an anti-virus, but if infecting is past too far, the anti-virus which is one inject itself must also ineffectively.
They are trained speziel for are situations and to have the order the responsible persons for this disaster to find, to eliminate and the infected ones.

Whether you uncover the happening as John Smith, the mysterious FBI agent, pr as Alexandra Dark, the beautiful policewoman, is left to them.


-new Weapons: Crossbow, Magnum, Flare, Chaingun, Flamethrower
-Kung Fu
-new HUD
– 2 playaible Characters:

-Alexandra Dark
Woman, Age: 21, Police Officer
Specialized in Kung Fu.
If one plays it, one can make much more Kung Fu move, one can more highly jump, faster run, and, if one is heavily hurt, heal themselves.
However it cannot well with weapons, and it stands fewer injuries than John Smith.

-John Smith
Male, Age: 27, FBI Agent
Specialized in weapons.
Smith cannot jump very highly and run more a little fast also Kung Fu
can it only few, however he bears more damage and he can better with weapons deal.

-and many many more

Game Modes

Normal Game:
The player must struggle through hordes of Zombies and find the informants of the Viruses.

The player is infected with the virus and has only few minutes before the virus in its body spreads and him kills.
Before the time ran off, one must not have completed the level. It gives none bonus time, if you kill opponents!


This Mod is not compatiabel with old Savegames !
If one with Alexandra Dark plays sees one in some Zwieschensequenzen John Smith.



Tom “Coolman01” Faber
Mod Idea, Coder, few Sounds, few Weapon Skins, Skins, Menu, HUD

Blood Decals

Kenny Young
KungFu Animations

Project X Team

B.K.G. (Hitman)
Crossbow + Skeleton + new Painkiller Model




Dark Evil, and free-to-development is a Idea of Tom “Coolman01” Faber.
The Level and Character Selector is (C) by Tom “Coolman01” Faber.


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