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Yesterday I entered a new dimension of my participating observation inside the MP-modding community: I for the first time entered the chatroom of MPHQ. For this I use my expired shareware-version of mIRC, which still works flawlessly – nobody knows why. GutBomb and some others were present, but they talked Mac-related, so I hadn’t too much to contribute. but from the conversation it became clear, that at least gutBomb remembers me and who i am.

Today I entered the chatroom again. Ildu and some others were there. One called himself Fruehshoppen aka JCDenton999 aka TheHunted—he at once asked me if I was German. I said “Ja”. So he opened another channel for us two and we could merrily chat away in German, which we did for 1h 1min without idling. Topics ranged from information on private background, LS5, New Dawn, and modding (especially mapping) in general. Parallel to this conversation we chatted with the others in MPHQ’s main-channel. Ildu also seems to know who I am—maybe he has followed the link in my sig which leads to Ethno::log.

Fruehshoppen pointed me to his private and hidden website where beautiful screenshots of his Hacienda-map for MI::NewDawn are to be seen. And he runs the Max Payne Zone (MPZ), an Austrian fanpage, pendant to MPA and MPHQ. There news on MP and MP modding really pop up regularly—what can’t be said about MPHQ :o(

There’s news about Lightsaber, too. It seems that my shuttle-screenshots really impressed him. [all news on Lightsaber at MPZ]

Even I learned something new—I did know that Wook thought about switching engine to DoomIII, but I didn’t know that it was a matter of fact. And I didn’t know that there was something about it on the Lightsaber homepage. So I checked it, and really there was the news, posted by LordHelmet. That’s all he updated on the page since ages. There aren’t any new screenshots or such. Helmet is a lazy guy, I guess.

Btw till today LS4 has been downloaded over 10.000 times!

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