hell’s kitchen

Hell's Kitchen
Maddieman—one of the most respected modders in the whole community—has put up his new website called Hell’s Kitchen:

9th March 2003
The site is up! \o/

A bit crappy at the moment, but this is my first attempt at my own web site—feel free to check out the available sections.

Thanks again to biXen for setting this up for me.


Katana 2

No doubt by now, most of you will have seen the k2 video, made by the ever impressive StratonAce — if not, you should, he’s done some fantastic things with it. I should inform you however, that the mod is by no means complete. There is still a long way to go before it’s finished; but when it is, it should be something to look forward to.

In the meantime, check out some of the media — I’m hoping to get some gameplay videos up soon, and I plan to update the screenshots on a monthly basis. Stay tuned — you haven’t seen the half of it yet. ;)

Modding Tutorials

On a different matter, I would like to briefly mention tutorials. I did promise a camerapaths tutorial and a 3ds max update to my animation tutorial. However, due to the way things are turning out, it is very unlikely that I’ll have time to write them. All is not lost though, I’ve taken the time to compile a list of links some of the more useful forum entries at 3d Realms. Be sure to check out the links section.

Levels, Mods, and why most TC Teams fail

Also, a few months ago, a discussion arose about the distinct lack of decent single player maps in the Max Payne community. Some very good points were made, and one the Remedy mappers, mixuk, offered some invaluable advice that will no doubt be of interest to mappers and modders alike. You can read it here.

Rusty Widget / Tapeworm TC

In other news, Tapeworm, formally a Max Payne total conversion hosted by Zer0mods, has progressed on to the Half Life engine. Nukee, its creator, has set up a very well designed site offering information about modding, 3d art, and illustration. It contain some great links concerning illustration and 3d media. Do me and him a favour and check out his site – Rusty Widget. [http://rustywidget.com/]


Finally, as you may have noticed, Zer0mods is damaged beyond repair (hence why I jumped boats). The forums are down, and I can’t see them going back up anytime soon. Furthermore, the zer0mods.com server crashed and wiped our uploaded data, meaning that all the media links are down and I can’t upload anything new. Put simply, the site is dead — some of the downloads still work, I believe.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

—Jonathan Hallier, aka Maddieman

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