lord vader visits troops

vaders_visitGalactic News Service reports: “TWILIGHT CITADEL, Tatooine (Valcyn) – Emperor Palpatine’s supreme military commander, Lord Darth Vader, recently made a surprise inspection tour of an Imperial military stronghold here. […] The staff at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) had noticed, that inside the gameworld of their MMORPG “Star Wars Galaxies” (SWG) a group of players (forming the “203rd Tatooine Expeditionary Stormtrooper Legion”) had their troops very well organized and trained for quite some time. So SOE decided to stage an “ingame-live-event” and made Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, visit the troops. A global celebrity of a mythical character, well known to at least two generations, visits his followers in gamespace. For some discussion, see the thread at corpnews, for “indigenous flavor” visit the Alpha Company.
Last year in September Andrew Phelps asked: Where is my news? What he had in mind was a Television-channel broadcasting news from gameworlds: “So I’m waiting. I’m waiting even further for someone to bind all this up into a daily game-news network with reporting from all the worlds online. I’d watch that channel, right along side CNN / MSNBC / FOX. I can think of very few things I’d currently enjoy more. Come home, eat dinner, play with baby, watch the “news” for a half hour, then hop into the world that had the most interesting day.” Although I am personally not at all into MMORPGs — if I had seen Lord Vader in the evening news, be sure, I would have made the journey to Tatooine asap.
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