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taming of peripheral computer hardware revisited
DiamondbackToday I bought a Razer Diamondback, the follow-up of the legendary Razer Boomslang. It glides over the pad seemingly almost without any friction. Its 1600dpi suit me very well, as meanwhile I am used to my Boomslang’s 2100. The ‘magma-glow’ looks nice, although I do not think it is necessary. The mouse really feels good, but despite of the glow does not radiate the mythical atmosphere of its predecessor. There simply is neither the same kind of history nor tradition yet — at least to me. And I indeed feel something like a traitor, now having my hand on a pure optical gadget. I am no hi-senser lo-tek anymore. On the other hand Razerguy aka Robert Krakoff, president of Razer USA Ltd., said: “Boomers have been discontinued and we’re also sold out. It was a nice ride, but the world of mechanical gaming mice is one of the past. We held a quiet burial at sea for family members only.” OFM answered: “Well I for one am Proud to have my Retired LED Modded Boomslang 2000 in its tin with all the stuff it came with. […] I’m glad I have these fine instruments and have stuck with them this long. We are truly an obscure and dedicated community that is very tightly knit and I am proud to be here from way back with an original 2000 Boomslang. [… but ends:] VIVE La DiaMoNdBacK!” … and Krakoff in reply: “Sorry, we know that we are burying a legacy and also know that there are many loyal ball mouse users who are not ready, willing or interested in optical.” (thread at Razer Blueprints Forum) For Krakoff’s views on the history and technology of mice, see RPG Vault Soapbox — Robert Krakoff. For in-depth information and discussion, pay a visit to the Razer-community at Razer Blueprints.

Razerguy There is a graphic novel called Razerguy, a fine piece of machinima at the razer-site, which in mood and plot matches my transition into new realms of motoric input, into the twilight of the Razerzone lit anew. Hint: First go to Razerzone, leave the window open, then open Razerguy in a new window. That way you have the background-sound from Razerzone running, which is very appropriate to the graphic novel. Razerguy, episode 1: “I tried to deal by immersing myself in video games. The last thing I remember is sitting in front of my PC and feeling a wave of intense dread fall over me … then the room went black. When I wake up, I am not ta home, but on this weird beach wearing all white clothing.” The beginning of the story reminds me of the scenery in Neuromancer’s (Gibson 1984) chapter 20, where Case finally meets Neuromancer:

He jacked in.
    Nothing. Gray void.
    No matrix, no grid. No cyberspace.
    The deck was gone. His fingers were…
    And on the far rim of consciousness, a scurrying, a fleeting
impression of something rushing toward him, across leagues of black mirror.
    He tried to scream.
    There seemed to be a city, beyond the curve of beach, but
it was far away.”

To say that I am associating everything with Gibsonia would be legitimate criticism, but it is obvious in this case, isn’t it?.

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