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Fatal1tyBBC-News carries an article on pro-gamer legend Jonathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty: Golden boy gamer becomes a brand . The golden boy has to say something on the social dimension of gaming, too: “Socialising online is awesome – you are talking to all these gamers just about random topics. It’s like you are on the phone talking to a friend almost. Then you get to meet these guys at LAN parties. It’s a total blast.”
During the last months I noticed a substantial increase of articles on gaming issues in the supra-regional major daily newspapers and magazines — at least in what is printed here in Germany. But the core of those articles almost exclusively revolved around two central subjects: the explicit expression of a lack of understanding what’s happening, garnished with a laconic to sarcastic sneer, and astonishment about the money involved. Articles about pro-gaming always stressed the sums those people potentially can earn, pieces on MMORPGs always described the trading of game-objects and/or accounts at eBay. Texts on shooters (see FPS and TPS) revamped the ‘virtual violence’ discussion, and in the case of Doom III introduced disgust and execration into the construction of public opinion. In all cases the immense time people are ‘wasting’ playing computergames is mentioned. In the case of the pro-gamers the latter is somewhat relativized, as cash is made by them. Not that I want to whine or complain about that — I am just observing. And the fact remains that computergames seem have to made it into the pages of the big print media.
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