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Note to me: Checking your own referrer-log ain’t just a bonfire of vanity, but sometimes indeed proofs to be useful. Anthropology student Andrea Handl of Vienna urges me in her blog entry to have a look on the dissertation by Johann Stockinger. Then some soul was good natured enough to click the link to xirdalium Andrea had inserted and presto—I found it in my logs. That’s one of the ways the blogosphere works, I guess. Here’s what I am urged to read:

STOCKINGER, JOHANN. 2004. Ethnologische Wissensrepräsentation mittels XML. Univ.-Diss. Wien.

Unfortunately it seems not to be published yet. Mr. Stockinger, Sir, choose one of those and bring your wisdom online, please. All this reminds me of XML and Open Office, the OpenOffice.org XML Essentials and Astrid Blumstengels Entwicklung hypermedialer Lernsysteme. The latter being a true hypertext (in German, though) trying to fathom how to create a scientific hypertext.

Anyway, word has it that Stockinger tries in his dissertation to develope hypermedial ethnological (equals ‘sociocultural anthropological’ in this context) means of representing knowledge. This shall happen by an interactive process of data-collecting, data-analysis, represenation, publication, and interaction. But that’s not enough yet. Stockinger wants that this data can be worked upon in the future, too. So he includes ethnological meta-data and does everything in extended markup language. That’s what I have understood from Andrea’s blog-entry.
Another note to me: Urge Stockinger to take part in my panel.
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