filing up

ZettelspaltenThis project started some time in 2002, the exact starting point can’t be named, as the idea gradually developed by associating otherwise unrelated input. After KerLeone had preached enough I converted into an ardent believer in weblogs. Consequently the two of us started the ethno::log. Soon it became clear to me that I needed an own weblog for my project, but due to a whole array of contrarieties it did not see the light of day before late 2004. Until then I wrote and saved everything on my harddrives, or published it over at the ethno::log. Especially the latter’s categories cyberethnologica, tools, and tech. adaption harbour a wealth of entries worthwhile for my project ‘maxmod’ (abstract). Besides many other things, xirdalium is my slip box (Zettelkasten) which hopefully—as time goes by—will turn into an orderly filing cabinet. One of the reasons why I chose blosxom as my weblog-software is the fact that I easily can ‘forge’ entry dates, which allows me to fill up the blog with entries written or begun a long, long time ago while preserving the project’s chronology. Now I have started to enter those stories from the past—especially some which I originally posted at ethno::log, because of lacking my personal weblog. Just to not let it get lost and forgotten below the sides bottom, here’s what I inputted today (in reverse chronological order, ‘newest’ on top): wandering astrayscambaitersvisual jack inxenophiliaunix history.

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