Word has it that Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) once coined the phrase ‘liquid television’. MTV grabbed the vocable and named a TV-show broadcasting animated cartoons likewise. The show even was to be seen in India via StarTV, and featured goodies like ‘Æon Flux’ (The latter becoming a feature-movie starring Charlize Theron *sigh* soon—via gamersgame). But the fact remains that to date nobody knows what Dalí meant by ‘liquid television’.

But I now know what could be meant by ‘liquid computer’. The casemodder-scene’s original innovation, the liquid-cooled computer, already is history. Now them g33kz pushed it quite a bit farther: A computer case completely filled with vegetable oil, nearly all the components submerged, living under the water oil line. Markus Leonhardt even left the coolers in place, so that there is a little forced convection. The best thing, he says, is the machine being absolutely silent. It works since about one year, without the oil being replaced. Already some odour is recognizable when opening the sealed lid—hell, keep it closed then. And another thing one has to keep an eye on: the oilcomputer should be placed under the table, at least at a significantly lower level than all peripheral hardware. Due to capillary suction oil slowly creeps along inside the wires … till it trickles out of the keyboard or mouse.
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