SpackoBased on audiodata from myMTW Christian Wasser of (senseless) has created a phantastic satirical Flash-movie on the computergames & violence issue. The special features everything you expect from a documentary-feature: Uncensored, uncut real-life raw audio-material directly from the field, expert South-Park-style television-talking-head commentary including supporting evidence, and matching commercials. Everybody playing CS, or interested in playing computergames, or whatyouhave, and being capable of understanding German: please watch it! The audio-material provides a glimpse into online-gaming’s everyday-life, the feature as a whole provides insight into reflexive gamer-humour. In a way it is a piece of ‘native autoethnography’ … w00t! Now that I have talked it to death, better go and watch it.

via entry at ethno::log

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