Finally I updated and rearranged the sidebar a bit. The blogroll now has its subsections ordered from most close to my project and specialized to farer away and more general (from the top down). The entries in the subsections now are in alphabetical order, and the section ‘anthropology’ is newly added—with the recent explosion of the anthropological blogosphere this became necessary. Below the blogroll my siteroll has appeared, which carries the visible, the public-access-parts of my community’s space. This is where I roam around a lot.

When biXen saw my blog for the first time he meant that the content is very worthwhile to him, but that the site needs a big CSS-overhaul. Frankly, I didn’t quite know what to make of that. After I read that Kerim Friedman had problems with the excellent layout of savage minds when viewed in IE, it slowly trickled into my mind. Well, today I tore IE up from the darkest corner of the cellar, and indeed it messed up xirdalium quite a bit. Now the CSS-settings are adjusted accordingly and xirdalium looks as intented in IE6, too. Although the up-arrows ↑ (marking offsite-links) still look a little scribbled at the point, and even the sixth installment of this magnificent browser (puke) refrains from displaying the beautiful crooked-arrow ↵ (marking links to somewhere inside IE-users: take the little I-do-not-know-about-this-as-I-am-from-Redmond default-square as the marker for in-domain links.

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