floating elvis

Floating Elvis

—is anybody home | Calling elvis—I’m here all alone | Did he leave the building | Or can he come to the phone | Calling elvis—I’m here all alone [Mark Knopfler—originally released on ‘On Every Street’] The Unreal 2003 mod Karma Physics< Elvis [there is a video to download | .mov | 3.5MB] is not only a perfect follow-up to the liquid ragdoll, but—like the white room—an equally perfect example of cultural appropriation of computergames for artistic means:

Karma Physics< Elvis is a modification of the first person shooter computer game Unreal 2003. As the viewer camera floats through an infinite pink afterlife, twitching multiples of Elvis are controlled by the original game’s “Karma Physics” real-time physics system—generally used to simulate realistic game character death. [emphasis by zeph]

Be sure to check out the other examples at the website. Unfortunately the Elvis-clip is soundless—a li’l less conversation | a li’l more action please! Time and again the King creeps up in the digital realm, too—no wonder when dealing with immortals. Even I included him in a mod already—there’s an Elvis room in the very first map I made for Max Payne.
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