lightsaber training

Lightsaber Training

Well, this again is not an artefact that stems from ‘my community’, but just for ye olde times’ sake, the days when we pulled through the Lightsaber mod [download link there ;-], I simply can not resist to post something on Lost Vectors[Jason Reinsvold] Jedi Trainer 2.0. Jedi Trainer is “a weekend project that started with the thought ‘I bet I can make a flash light saber’.”—a flash game which lets you relive Luke’s experience on board of the Millenium Falcon, when Obi Wan starts to train him in the force and the usage of a lightsaber by means of a small, spheroid, floating droid. And if you are over at Lost Vectors, don’t miss the drumming Yoda. The latter made me think again of zero wing rhapsody, and in addition about the plethora of free-to-use artefacts around the Internet, which already are manifestations of the appropriation of ICTs and popular culture, but which in turn can/could be used for the creation of more according [second order(?)] artefacts—always giving due credit, of course. Imagine that you plan to make some hilarious Star-Wars-themed movie-clip. For an in-betweeen scene you could use the drumming Yoda: Get a drummer, make him play Yoda something that makes sense, record the whole thing, and finally edit it in your clip.
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