Unrealart by Alison Mealey

Besides the White Room there now is yet another fine instance of the appropriation of computergames by fine art, Alison Mealey’s Unrealart:

All artworks have been created using data from the game “Unreal Tournament”.
   Each image represents about 30 mins of gameplay in which the computers AI plays against itself, there are 20-25 bots playing each game.
   The Bots play custom maps I create. Each map has been pathed so that the bots have a rough idea of where to go in order to create the image I want.
   I log the position (X,Y,Z) of each player each second using a mutator I created, I also log the position of a death. I then run my own code written in processing to create postscript files of that match.
   Every image represents 1 full game, and the position of the dots or lines reflects the position of a player at a given time.

Obviously Alison is not ‘just’ an artist, but at the same time a full-blown gamemodderess. In best modder-spirit she shares her achievements, as besides showing off the beautiful pictures she has created, there are sections at there website which feature an explanation of the creation-process, tutorials, tool-downloads, and the project’s history. Head over to Alison’s blog thinking and follow what becomes of the project. [see also ↵garry’s mod]
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