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According to SFAM, besides the dirty, hyper-realistic “lived-in” looks and dark motifs contrasted by schocking neon color schemes, there’s yet another element defining cyberpunk visuals—a sense of slick style. Additionally, in the comments to the Blade Runner review, DannyV_El_Acme and SFAM agreed on the movie’s famous pane featuring the huge billboard with the cute geisha being one of the most recognizable topoi/icons of the cyberpunk genre, as a lot of cyberpunk’s essence is captured within that one shot: asian influence, technology, alluring chicks, mega-corporations, dystopic futures, etc. Now, when dealing with any aspect of cyberculture, the history of technology and the history of imagination, representation, and promotion of technology is indispensable. Compu-Promo features “nine examples of computer promotional photography sent to newspapers in the 60s and 70s,” hilarious comments included. Slick style, technology, alluring chicks, mega-corporations—everything’s there already. Taking current events into account, the asian-influence now is in this images, too— as the sale of International Business Machines Corp.’s personal computer business to a Chinese company illustrates. In a way the pics hit me just as the ANIMAC-dancer did.

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