Kunst-Fu's Hitlerko

The picture at the above left I found via my pal Vít Šisler’s Videogames and politics (Šisler 2005). It reminded me of a drawing Hypher—a core-member of ‘my tribe’—did in August 2004, which I have put at the top right. Here’s the according quote from Vít’s article:

This shift of political struggle from mass media to computer games, which are still largely considered as a playground reserved for children or teenagers, is something that worries many. In 2002, Slovakian artistic group Kunst-fu released a picture showing a baby peacefully sleeping in a bed with a Hitler-like doll. The title of the art was “wwwiete s cim sa hraju vase deti?” a pun hard to translate; it connects the question “Do you know what your children are playing with?” with a name of a webpage. This reflects quite well the fear within the society of uncontrolled content of webpages and online games.
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