way faster

Tall building in Zaryadye

For the very first time I was faster than boingboing, way faster. One year and one month faster, to be exact. On 20 April 2005 I posted a story called
unrealised moscow triggered by the entry soviet metropolis at hinterding, dated 16 April 2005. Just yesterday Cory Doctorow posted an entry at boingboing, also pointing to The Architecture of Moscow from the 1930s to the early 1950s. Unrealised projects, triggered by the entry Soviet Architecture Never Built (awesome photos) at digg, dated 21 May 2006. Obviously the staff at boingboing were so ashamed of their lameness in posting this so delayed that the entry meanwhile seems to have been removed ;-)

Why am I posting this? Well, to be honest, I am not sure myself—and that’s the point. Of course first of all I am interested in how this type of information spreads through the Internet, where it appears, and when, and where it came from. But of course you can find out this faster, better, and more conveniently by letting some crawler or spider run after it. So this obviously is no rationale for the posting. The next entry on the list of possible motives is narcism. For sure a part of it is in the game, I’d never deny that. But where exactly does this narcism stem from, and what exactly do I want to express by my blog, and how exactly do I try to accomplish this? And now we’re well inside the cyberanthropologer’s daily dose of self-reflection. In turn you of course can dub this anthropological navel-gazing, which maybe is just narcism again, in a weak disguise. But that’s exactly what I want to discuss—but not now, as I have to leave in a minute ;-)

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