crabs galore


Salvador Dalí—remember, the fellow who coined the term ‘liquid television’, for whatever that means—once put a lobster upon the lap of a naked beauty. Nice contrast, that was. Then he went on and replaced a vintage telephone’s receiver by a lobster. Even better contrast, I’d say … crustacean vs. technology. The next step would have been to place said animals into technology-soaked sci-fi environments of the post-apocalyptic kind. Dreams come true and it’s amazing to see how certain topoi creep up again and again. Mike K. Nowak visited E3 and found out that during the last year or so creeping crabs must have given a whole posse of gamedevelopers the creeps in something like a collectively shared nightmare, as within a significant number of games presented at this year’s E3 crabs are featured prominently. The above pic shows a fine specimen from “Gears of War”. Scrutinize Nowak’s collection: E3 Crabtacular. Just to add some salt’n’pepper: In “L’Incal Lumière” (1982), second volume of the original Incal-series by Moebius and Jodorowsky, the main protagonist John Difool, a P.I. class R, enters the very innards of a huge tech-complex through a hatch to suddenly find him outside on the surface of a geosphere. And there he encounters, guess what, an immense cybernetic crab.

Incal crab

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